Announcements Videos

12 05 2011

A while back, I posted a video of some of the bloopers from the days that Matt and I did the announcements. Harry Light had made that video, and it was great but it was missing some of the announcements we did. On the last day of school senior year, Matt went in to the school and got (almost) every announcement video we did. Yesterday, I edited them together. So these videos consist of the various skits, behind the scenes, and bloopers that we filmed over the course of a trimester for the Linden Eagle News. There are four videos, and I hope you watch them all and feel nostalgic! :P

Eat all the chips!

17 04 2011

Quite frankly, I’m surprised this video hasn’t been made before-hand. The chips are a very important part of my life and many others, so there needed to be a video to celebrate them. For those of you who don’t know, “eat all the chips” is a saying from an old video called “Brainstorm Session” that you could find on if you wanted to. But here’s the new video, especially devoted to the chips. It was filmed in Ann Arbor, on campus.

Music for The Boys and Girls in School

14 03 2011

All right, well I’ve been working on the music for the film. I’ve actually been modeling a lot of stuff for this film after The Social Network, because I think the two are trying to make some of the same points and they will therefore be stylistically similar. A couple weeks ago I downloaded the soundtrack for The Social Network and gave it a listen. One of the songs, a “remix” I guess of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” gave me some inspiration and I took that to my keyboard. The film takes place in the minutes leading up to midnight, and so I started playing “Moonlight Sonata” in this weird synth. I messed around with it for a couple hours and realized this would be the song to play over the title sequence.

Next I decided to duplicate my success by “remixing” The Turkish March. It came out dance-like so I decided to lengthen it and play the song during the girl’s sleepover scene in the film. Over the next couple days, I continued to mess around with various electronic sounds and that has resulted in about twenty minutes of music, that I’ve linked to below. Please check it out and comment on this post, I’d love to hear what you think!

The Girls and Boys in School – w/ Screenplay

28 01 2011

New idea: After being rejected by a girl he likes, Andy decides to send out a text to everyone he knows, calling her a slut. The short film follows the consequences of this text on the various recipients over the course of about a half hour one night.

Of course, there’s more to this idea; this is just the shortened storyline. I just recently re-polished the script, and I’m deep into pre-production now. I’d like to post as much as I can about this upcoming film on the blog, in case anyone cares to know how the creative process goes on this film.

I plan on shooting over the summer and editing during next fall. Before filming, though, there are a few things that need to get done, like choosing a cast, a crew, storyboarding, etc. I’ve already started to create music for the film, that I hope to post more regularly.

To end this post, I thought I would post the revised edition of the script, in case anyone wanted to read it. It’s about 30 pages long, so the film should be about a half hour long.

The Girls and Boys in School

First U of M video!

7 12 2010

I have officially completed my first video project at the University of Michigan. The project was for my SAC 190 (Screen Arts and Cultures) Film Seminar class. The projects were created in partnership with the dean’s office at U of M to promote the University.

This video tackles the question “what about the university makes it feel like home?” The project encouraged an experimental approach. And this is the result of all that!

NOTE: On a non-school related note, be on the lookout for another post coming soon. I have an awesome idea in the works that I will be filling everyone in on soon. I plan on trying to capture as much of the process on this blog as I can, so stay tuned.

ANOTHER NOTE: I have no idea what to do about this Mikenny Production thing, since Mike isn’t a part of these videos anymore (at least most of them, he may be back though…) but it’s also the name of the YouTube channel and I’m hesitant to change anything in case it makes the videos harder to find. So for now everything will continue to be posted here.

All right, sorry, here’s the video:

Knocked Out!

24 09 2010

Well, here it is. The last video we completed for our high school video production class. As of this moment, the entire three years I spent in video production are documented in the videos on this blog, and on YouTube (except for a couple videos I cannot post because the people in them do not want to be on YouTube). It’s been quite the journey.

I can’t really say what’s going to come next right now. For the time being, nothing is in the works. It’s kind of a sad thought, but for the next couple months there probably will not be any new videos…

BUT there is always hope. Matt has all of the videos of the announcements that he and I did last year, and although that’s something a little different, I might be posting some of those to the blog. I’m sure eventually there will be videos to post, but for now you have everything.

The Test – In the style of Quentin Tarantino

6 09 2010

Okay, I’m pretty sure I posted this already, but before it was on YouTube has just increased the video upload time limit to 15 minutes, meaning I could upload this video and Knocked Out to YouTube! I started with this one, and I’ll upload the other video in a few days. But for now, enjoy one of the last videos that I made for high school! The Test took second place in the Fenton Student Film Festival.

And as an added bonus, here is the creeper video that for some reason I never uploaded to YouTube until just now…


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